Hasselblad Get Its Mojo Back: a Chat with CEO Perry Oosting

We sat down with Hasselblad's new CEO Perry Oosting at the New York launch of their 100 megapixel, 4K RAW 30fps recording H6D.  Perry talks Hasselblad values like optical excellence, Scandinavian design -- and a smartphone's interface as the inspiration for their new touch-screen interface. He's an exceptionally straightforward guy, and the H6D is the first clear indication that Hasselblad is getting its mojo back.  The second? Perry himself.

Back on March 29th, I marveled at how much Blackmagic's new Micro Studio Camera 4K reminded me of nothing so much as Hasselblad's legendary 500C. I even wondered what would happen if the two companies did a deal together and threw Sony into the mix.

A week later, it became wonderfully clear that Hasselblad didn't need Blackmagic or me to enter the world of hybrid stills/video cameras when Hasselblad announced their H6D.

Very, very cool.

The timing worked out so that just a few days after that, Hasselblad CEO Perry Oosting and I were able to catch up for half an hour or so between presentations at the H6D's New York launch event (I have a separate post and video coming of the camera itself with Senior Technical Manager Paul Claesson).

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