Oh, the Pressure: Live Blogging from NAB 2016!

It's back: NAB. This year I'll be live blogging from the Las Vegas convention floor as part of the NAB 2016 LiveBlog! team organized by planetMitch of planet5D (thanks!). It should be pretty intense. Most interesting thing of all (especially for the guy who wrote "Apple's iPhone: The Next Video Revolution)? It's all predicated on everyone using their smartphones. See? 

This is going to be nuts. Less than 48 hours on the ground, yet so many really interesting people and companies to see including Sony, Blackmagic, Zeiss, Leica, Atomos, Litepanels, Aputure, CAME-TV,  Zacuto, RØDE, Cinegears, and so many, many more beyond the usual list of suspects. 

VR and pixels and drones, oh my! I'm already exhausted thinking about it.