No Headphone Jack on the Sony a6300 (or a6000)? We've Got Answers.

But for $1,000, puh-leeze: let’s not be piggy.

The new Sony a6300 [B&H|Amazon] has awesome specs, but it’s missing three things.

   Sony a6300  [ B&H | Amazon ] 


Sony a6300  [B&H|Amazon

Then again, if it had them it wouldn’t be called the a6300, it would be called the a7R II:

  •  IBIS
  •  BSI 42mp sensor
  •  A headphone jack

If you truly need all three of these things then by all means, get the A7R II [B&H|Amazon]. It’s awesome and one of my 2015 Top Gear picks.

Sony a7R II [ B&H | Amazon ] 

Sony a7R II [B&H|Amazon

If you truly need only two of these things, then by all means, get the a7S II [B&H|Amazon]. It’s awesome too (and an honorable mention pick for 2015, beaten only by its higher resolution and faster auto-focusing twin brother).

Sony a7S II  [ B&H | Amazon ] 

Sony a7S II  [B&H|Amazon

But if you truly need only one of these things (in other words, you’ll settle for internal 4K recording at identical bit rates and codecs as the other two, have better auto focus than the other two, have better 120fps HD implementation than the other two – the a7R II doesn’t even have 120fps), then get the a6300 and look seriously at Sony’s UWP D11 wireless microphone set up [B&H|Amazon] .

Sony UWP D11  [ B&H | Amazon ] 

Sony UWP D11  [B&H|Amazon

You know why?

Because the UWP D11 combines the best of my current favorite wireless mic, the RØDElink Filmmaker [B&H|Amazon], my previous favorite, the Sennheiser EW100 series [B&H|Amazon], along with a HEADPHONE JACK in the receiver unit that slides into Sony’s proprietary Multi Interface hot shoe eliminating the need for a headphone jack OR a mic jack in the body.

RØDElink Wireless Filmmaker Kit  [ B&H | Amazon ] 

RØDElink Wireless Filmmaker Kit  [B&H|Amazon

Sennheiser EW100 G3  [ B&H | Amazon ] 

Sennheiser EW100 G3  [B&H|Amazon

Smaller than the RØDElink, easier to set up than the Sennheiser, and with a side-mounted battery compartment that makes it quicker and simpler to change batteries than either, Sony’s wireless kit is a really pleasant surprise.

And it’s a pretty darned good wireless set up in its own right. More robust lav wire than the RØDElink or the Sennheiser, and I really like the sound (probably has more to do with how I’ve located it, underneath my shirt on my chest using Rycote Undercovers[B&H|Amazon])

Rycote Undercovers  [ B&H | Amazon ] 

Rycote Undercovers  [B&H|Amazon

Already have a wireless kit?

Don’t despair. 

It turns out Sony sends audio through the micro-HDMI port, which you can monitor on an inexpensive 7” HD monitor like the lovely new Aputure VS-1 Fine HD [B&H|Amazon] , or the much more sophisticated and combo recorder unit from Atomos, the Ninja Assassin [B&H|Amazon].

Aputure VS-1 FineHD 7" Monitor  [ B&H | Amazon ] 

Aputure VS-1 FineHD 7" Monitor  [B&H|Amazon

Atomos Ninja Assassin combination 7" monitor/recorder  [ B&H | Amazon ] 

Atomos Ninja Assassin combination 7" monitor/recorder  [B&H|Amazon

That’s it! If any of you have other ways for monitoring audio from a Sony a600 or a6300, share!