DJI Phantom 4 Coming Next Week with Collision Avoidance?

The drone/quadcopter space is heating up dramatically, and market leader DJI has gotten even more aggressive in dominating the space. Next up? It appears to be the Phantom 4, now with forward mounted vision detection sensors for...collision avoidance? Shout-out to QuadcopterGuide for the deets!

Screen shot of what MAY be beta of DJI's app for a Phantom 4. Sure looks like it, but who knows for sure?

I LOVED the Phantom 3 Professional 4K  [B&H|Amazon]  so much I plunked down my own hard cash to buy one. But with the regulations in play at the moment and my other gear needs, I recently put it up for sale.

Now we learn that DJI has an announcement coming up next week.  The rumor mill is churning around what may well be the Phantom 4 series.

The problem for me personally is that in any case the rules for use are too onerous given where I live. Sigh. Arguably the best footage I've ever shot was done on that Phantom 3 Pro.