I Achieve a Boyhood Dream...and Acquire a Really Cool Super 8 Camera 45 Years Late

I have precisely one film from my youth, BONEY & KLUTZ (no matter that the title says something else), shot on a Fuji P1 Single 8 camera with a fixed length lens.

It's terrible.

But it was also great fun and -- for us back then -- ambitious.

What I really wanted after that was a Beaulieux or Braun Nizo, but my first passion remained photography and I bought a Canon FT-QL instead. I simply couldn't imagine spending so much time and  effort editing film -- and having to get the exposure perfect in camera every time. No dodging or burning in?


But a 45 year itch is a very long itch, and with digital transfer services now common, I decided to take the plunge. I bought a Braun Nizo S-56 on eBay for $140, consoling myself that I'd be happy just to hold it in my hands, even if I never shot a single roll of film through it.

That whole "just hold it in my hands" thing didn't last very long.

It isn't easy finding Super 8 film stock anymore (well, it is if you know to start your search at B&H), and processing labs that will handle Super 8 film are far and few between (I found Cinelab up in Bedford, MA courtesy of this post in NoFilmSchool).

The film is now "in the can" or more properly "in the cartridge," all 50' of it shot last week while we were in New York City for PhotoPlus Expo. 

As soon as I get it back from Cinelab, I'll let you know how it turned out.