This is Just ONE Reason Why BACK TO THE FUTURE is Brilliant

BACK TO THE FUTURE  [iTunes|Amazon] is one of my favorite films: not only do I have a poster from the film hanging in my bat cave, but I was able to actually sit in the DeLorean used in the film just last week (more on that coming soon).

In this wonderfully deep analysis of the opening three minutes by Darren of Must See Films, we see a number of reasons why BTF ought to be one of your favorites, too. It has one of the greatest opening sequences of all time, right up there with the opening to RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK [iTunes|Amazon].

Maybe you’ve already recognized all of the setups in that first 2:52 of the movie, but even though I thought I had it pretty well sussed-out, I learned a few things (did you notice, for example, CRM 114, and if so, do you know what it means?) 

Shout-out to Darren of Must See Films for the analysis and inspiration, and to One Perfect Shot for alerting me to its existence.