Back to the Future: Blackmagic Design’s New Micro Studio 4K is a Mashup of their Studio Camera 4K, a GoPro Hero and the Legendary Hasselblad 500C – and an Indication of Where Cameras Should Go Next

Blackmagic sent me their brand new Micro Studio 4K camera but at first I didn’t know what to make of it.  Clearly, it’s aimed at work-a-day pros capturing high-end live events (like, for example, Elton John’s “All the Hits” world tour [link]). Which has nothing to do with me. I was about to send it back with a simple “I’m not the right person to review this -- for Chrissake, they’ve got a guy with a freakin’ soldering iron in the brochure to take advantage of a programmable port  -- when I realized I was looking at a new branch of an older evolutionary tree: the modular camera system. Heck, I can write about THAT.

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