Stoked! We Like The Luxli Viola On-Camera LED, So We're Giving One Away

It recently became clear that we needed a small, bi-color, diffusable on-camera (or almost on-camera) light. Then we learned about the Luxli Viola, tested it with a little help from our friends, and liked it so much we decided to give one away:

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Gear tested in this review:

Luxli Viola 5" On-Camera BiColor LED with Diffuser: B&H, Amazon
Yongnuo YN300 Air: B&H, Amazon, Adorama
Litra Torch: B&H, Amazon, Adorama
Manfrotto Lykos 1500 Lux Bicolor LED: B&H, Amazon, Adorama
Rotolight NEO II: B&H, Amazon, Adorama

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