Ambivalence About Thanksgiving & Black Friday, But 3 Top Deals

Well, after more than half a century of looking forward to coming together as a family across distance and generations in one location to share a meal and stories, it finally dawns on me that Thanksgiving is actually the perfect Three Blind Men & An Elephant's "one person's subjective truth may not be another's, and neither may be the actual truth." I just can't look at it -- or feel about it -- quite the same way I always have.

But: in the spirit of early 21st century capitalism to just begin to cover our costs -- while attempting to assuage my ambivalence -- I limit myself to recommending just three exceptional deals on three exceptional products this weekend:

  • Atomos Ninja Flame (25% off at B&H and Amazon, which makes it just about half the launch price of its predecessor the Ninja Assassin)
  • Sony a7R II (16% off at B&H and Amazon, which makes it 25% off the original launch price)
  • Apple MacBook Pro (25% off at B&H)

and have just added a fourth:

Here's the rationale for the first three: