Canon EOS M5 is the First Canon Camera I'm Excited About Since 5D Mk II

I'm on my way up to Maine this morning to meet with Doug Jensen to discuss the Sony FS5 RAW upgrade, but I wanted to put in my $.02 on the just-announced Canon M5 [B&H|Amazon (thanks to a sharp-eyes YouTube viewer who alerted me to it).

If it lives up to what I see in the launch videos - great physical controls, strong (new) touch interface, usable in-body image stabilization, dual pixel AF, focus peaking, built-in time lapse, the sensor from the 80D, and the ability to use full frame EF glass - then the mirrorless market is about to leap forward at an even more accelerated rate as it puts most especially Sony on notice that it has to up its ergonomic game. I'll go so far as to say that if the rest is good enough, the absence of 4K may be a smart move. More to follow (I am definitely going hands-on with this camera - it's the first Canon camera to excite me since the 5D2).

The thing that's most intriguing to me is the idea that Canon just may be able to produce a camera with all the functionality of the 80D and price it $200 less because it is less expensive to make and either achieve or beat the same margins.

Thing I'm most concerned about? M3-level responsiveness and the possible absence of full HD slow motion.

To be determined!