Hate the Foam in Your Pelican Case? Meet MyCaseBuilder's Custom Foam Inserts

I love my Pelican 1510. The pinch foam inside? Not so much. I met Steve Holand of MyCaseBuilder.com at NAB 2016 and was so enamored of his custom inserts that I'm going to try one myself. While I'm waiting, I thought I'd pass the find along.

There are a number of things I like about Steve's approach:

  1. Precision - the cut-outs are custom-laser formed to your EXACT equipment, using a pre-populated catalog as well as the ability to work from a photo of your gear in a .png file with dimensions you provide
  2. Robustness - unlike the pinch foam that came with my Pelican 1510, this foam is much firmer (the hardness and density exceeding that of the custom-cut styrofoam you find in well-packed camera packaging) and therefore won't allow empty cut-outs to collapse and potentially impact other gear in the case
  3. Swappable - you can divvy up the case into, say, a camera body section and a lens section so that depending on your gig you can swap out one or the other (e.g., a set of geared prime cine lenses vs. a couple of zooms).

B&H is carrying some of Steve's pre-configured inserts, but you can visit Steve's web site to custom-design your own.