Price Drop! 3DR Solo with Gimbal Now $999.99

Whoa. 3DR drops the price on the Solo by $400 just as we get wind of a new DJI announcement. The game is afoot!

Got the email from 3DR directly just a couple of hours ago:

"In the months since Solo launch, we’ve expanded to over 22 countries and over 2000 retail locations worldwide. This expanded production translates to cost savings, which we can pass on to our customers. In addition, as we offer new upgrades for Solo this year we want to ensure our platform continues to be a competitive choice for consumers worldwide. Starting today our U.S. pricing drops to:

Solo: $799.95 (formerly $999.95)
Solo Gimbal: $199.95 (formerly $399.95)

Sure enough, the new prices are already reflected over at B&H for the full kit at $998 as well as the items bought separately (Solo, gimbal). Amazon is also showing the bundle at an identical $998.