Audio Doesn't Have to Be Expensive (but for me, it's still not easy)

As a filmmaker coming from still photography, there are several things that are especially difficult for me, like dynamic camera movement or continuous focusing.

But the bane of my existence continues to be audio.


Anyone here not know that relying on your DSLR or ILC on-board mic for recording (except as a reference track) is a bad idea?


Today’s question is: but do you have to spend $400 to get good sound?

Answer: nope.

Better answer: it depends.

Even better answer: it depends, but kinda’ yes.

Of course, you can spend a LOT more.

Bet you saw that coming.

The fact is, you can get great sound from a $20 mic IF you attach it to the right recorder under the right set of circumstances.

Will it sound as good as a $400 mic attached to the same recorder?

Watch and listen to our video and decide for yourself as we check out the RØDElink wireless lav, the RØDE smartlav+, the RØDE NTG4+ and the audio-technica 3350IS, all connected to my favorite audio recorder, the TASCAM DR-70D.

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