Out, Damned Spot! A Solution to Sony’s Darned Record Button

The incontrovertible Achilles heel of Sony hybrid cams? The damned spot of a movie record button. But help is here with the Cineasy Touch, especially version 2.

planet5D reader Tom Altman reached out to us a few months back to tell us about his new product to make recording on Sony’s a7 series and a6000 cameras less of a hassle. Called the Cineasy Touch, it’s this generation’s version of the old soft shutter release button. I tried it, it worked, and it has remained fastened to my a6000 until this morning.

I was surprised to find a new and improved version in my mail box, and it is even better. Now the big button is bright red with a convex surface rather than concave – easier to see, feel and engage, though the original was already great.

I really like it, and like its predecessor it is now comfortably nestled over that damned spot of a movie recording button on my a6000.

The Cineasy is available in black or red for the a6000/a5100 and for all first and second generation a7 variants (a7, a7r, a7s, a7II, a7rII, and a7sII).

photo by Hugh Brownstone

photo by Hugh Brownstone

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