Olympus Air 01 is an Interesting Alternative to DxO ONE, and more...

The Olympus brand has a long and innovative history in the photo industry (they pioneered the kind of 5-axis in-body image stabilization now widely admired in the Sony a7s II [B&H | Amazon] and a7r II [B&H | Amazon]), yet you don’t see much about it here on planet5D.

But we thought we’d fix that – at least a little bit – with a visit to their booth at PPE.

Still, the relatively small Olympus [B&H | Amazon] footprint here is understandable: planet5D was born with the genre-defining eponymous Canon and continues to be video-centric, while Olympus [B&H | Amazon] has stayed closer to its photography roots and doesn’t yet offer a 4K alternative to the usual suspects.

Olympus has many fans – especially of its glass – and we were curious to learn where Olympus is headed.

We started with the $299 the Air 01 [B&H | Amazon] is a fascinating alternative to the $599 DxO One [B&H | Amazon], while at $1,099 the OM-D EM-5 Mk II [B&H | Amazon] offers something different for the more traditional Canon or Nikon shooter — as long as you’re not looking for 4K...

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