Europe's Biggest Kickstarter Project Implodes

Noted as the largest Kickstarter funding to date in Europe, the Zano mini-drone promised too much – and has now tanked. Completely. But this is part of a larger pattern emerging in the imaging industry, as we now offer the next installment of what we’ve decided is a new series entitled, “Not Everyone Likes the Concept of Minimum Viable Products,” or perhaps “What Works for Software Companies May Not Work Quite as Well for Hardware Companies.”

After raising more than £2 million on Kickstarterplus taking additional pre-orders even before the Kickstarter campaign began, British company Zano was well-positioned to make a big splash in drone photography and videography.

As long as it delivered what it promised.

Epic fail.

The CEO has resigned and the company just announced they’ve halted the project altogether and are pursuing “a creditors’ voluntary liquidation...”

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