Sony Z150

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I like this 4K recording camera much more than I thought I would, and I guess that's because it's the off-spring of two cameras a like a lot: Sony's RX10 Mark III and Sony's FS5. Like the RX10 III, it has the same 1" 20.1mp sensor and a wide-ranging integrated zoom lens (though not with quite the same reach, topping out at just under 400mm full frame equivalent and about 30mm at the wide end). Like the FS5, it's a dedicated video recorder only, with built-in neutral density filter, XLRs, full-sized HDMI, 3G SDI, mongo-battery, and tiltable EVF. I love the built-in shutter of the built-in lens hood. While the Z150 doesn't have S-Log, this won't matter to the primary audience for this camera, live event shooters. But with this written, the convenience of this camera is so high that it is giving me pause about what camera I buy next.