Panasonic G85

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This is a micro four thirds camera with a high res (2.36m dot) EVF, 5-axis IBIS, internal 4K recording, ISO up to 25,600, fully articulating touch screen and up to 10fps shooting -- all for about $1,000 as of October 2016. It doesn't have a clip length limit like the one found on Sony 6000 series and a7 series cameras (the G85 is instead limited only by the capacity of the card). I don't see a headphone jack, but I do see a mic in. Once again, ergos are nicer than on the closest Sony competitor (the a6500), but the 6500 is still $400 more - and Panasonic's remote app blows away Sony's. Then again, the 6500 (and the $1,000 a6300, which omits IBIS) has that APS-C Sony sensor, which is my current favorite.