Olympus OM-D E-M1

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OK, this is the original, not the Mark II. But it's the only one currently for sale - I couldn't even touch the Mark II at PhotoPlus Expo, as one was under glass and the other sat atop a literal mountain of Olympus boxes. So what makes the EM-1 Mark II interesting in ways that -- to me -- the EM-1 was not? 4K internal recording is the headline, though the original already had in-body-image stabilization that has in theory been improved on the Mark II. Speed is another, though speed on a number of cameras now (including the diminutive Sony RX100 V) is already crazy good. Both the current and future EM-1 take the same micro four thirds zoom and prime lenses from any M43 manufacturer, but Olympus has a reputation for great glass which I'm going to have to look at more closely. Finally, both have fuller expressions of manual controls than Sony, so I'm looking forward to see how it fits to hand. On first touch, I liked it on the EM-1 original.