Cartoni Focus HD Tripod & Fluid Head

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The Cartoni has been my workhorse way before I needed all that load capacity (1oomm bowl, 26 lb load limit on the head, 110 lb limit on the sticks. Heck, I still don't need it for my own a6300, but it has been there for me when I've tested heavier gear like a naked Sony FS7 (then again, I even overloaded it once - pay CLOSE attention to load limits and make sure to properly balance, PLEASE!). I love the tripod itself -- it goes as high as most three stage sticks, and with a single locking lever on each of its two stage legs and mid-level spreader it is fast to set up or take down and stable. The head is rock solid, too, though I've come to really appreciate Sachtler's precision click detents on balance and drag, along with their Touch & Go QR solution. With this being said, the Cartoni will give you more payload bang for the buck than Sachtler.