Blackmagic Design 4K Video Assist

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At $895, the Blackmagic 4K Video assist is a bargain:  it's built like a tank ; it's 7" IPS display is lovely; the touch interface is simple and responsive; and it uses inexpensive SDXC II cards (but beware: you need the newest class II cards, and there were only two approved by Blackmagic as this was written: the Transcend 285MB/s read, 180MB/s write cards, and the Lexar 300MB/s read cards). Then again, the trade-offs include slower maximum frame rates, fewer monitoring tools like waveforms beyond a basic histogram, no LUTS, and no RAW but these make perfect sense to me. If you've got a mirrorless or DSLR hybrid, this gives you about 90% of what you need for a fraction of the price of the other name brand guys.